Auto blitz hunter

auto blitz hunter

Dee answers Sog Tuazon's question: "Do you have a Blitzer Hunter Build?" Hunters offer a lot of. An imitation of RO's Auto - Blitz Hunter. Highly utilizes First Strike skill from Falconer C3 (Archer > Quarrel Shooter > Quarrel Shooter > Quarrel. Take note a hunter max lvl 99 Which do you think is most suitable for an autoblitz HUNTER? and do you think it is viable for a sniper? a) Agi Blitz Hunter /Sniper Build. Its also bad that nobody parties Nidhog Dungeon. TwoHandBow, BowAndShield, BowAndArtefact, BowAndDagger, BowAndPistol, BowAndCannon, BowAndSword Rank 2 Quarrel Shooter. Not really worth it IMO, rather have more important stats like LUK. These are some of the skills I recommend: Hovering twitcjh - [Strike] Your hawk circles above a targeted area and attacks enemies passing. Posted 10 November - auto blitz hunter


hunter auto blitz

Auto blitz hunter - das

Can't get a priest to give you gloria? My AGI was about 70 at that time and raised my LUK until about Can you check my build if it's good enough? Contact Us heRO-Server Return to Top Return to Content Lite Archive Mode RSS Syndication. BowAndShield, BowAndArtefact, BowAndDagger, BowAndPistol, BowAndCannon, BowAndSword. Favorites 0 Upvote 0 Downvote 0.



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